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Managing your employees - and your expenses - becomes a lot easier


Small mountains of receipts relegated to a folio in a filing cabinet. Employee information and payslips stuffed into a binder, dog-eared and coffee stained. Thinking of the way we used to manage business admin seems so cumbersome it’s almost laughable.

No small business owner today would settle on folios and filing cabinets to organise their office admin. With all the technology and innovation available to us we can get software to handle just about everything needed to run a business — our accounting, payroll and even basic legal documents can be ready for use with a few clicks. But just as the filing cabinet and folio “system” is now antiquated and inefficient, isn’t it becoming the same for all the individual systems commonly used for business admin today?

Running a business is not linear or insular, so why are the tools and systems we commonly use not more integrated? Why can’t an employee upload their personal information for payroll, request a holiday and submit an expense all in one place? And shouldn’t a manager be able to approve and review these requests then connect them directly to accounting and payroll?

We’ve been doing research with some of the industry’s toughest critics and advisors — small business leaders  — to develop new ways of managing business admin. That’s how we came up with our team management and expense features. Two new features that will keep you informed, on track and in control. Not only will you get a bigger picture, we’ve made it easier to connect to your employees, so you’ve got more information and time to make the important decisions — like which market you’ll move into next or who your future partnership will be with. It’s just one more way we’re proving no one’s too small to be big.

Never miss an expense:                                                                                                                           Our new expense feature allows you to upload receipts in no time. It works on mobile so just take a photo and upload wherever you may be and it will get logged, ready to be reconciled when you are. Employees can send in their own expenses for approval as well, to be paid out immediately or added to a later pay run.

Get involved: the new way for team management                                                                         You can quickly and easily onboard an employee and give access to the portal. Put your employees in control of their personal details so they can request holidays and access their payslips.

These features provide you with real-time information, less paper and mobile access. Allowing you to get back to what you’re good at, growing your business.

All this and more is coming soon - stay tuned.

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by Katherine Green on September 19, 2016

Topics: small business, business services, Geniac, Product release

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