The Startup Lowdown: BeachFix




Company: BeachFix

Age: We’re 8 months old but we launched the website 2 months ago

Website/Twitter:, @beachfixco everywhere!

Founders: Nishul Saperia @nishul1, Maria Stylianou @marsty5 and Nuno Veiga @nuveiga


So what's the Elevator Pitch?

BeachFix suggests places based on your budget and beach preferences. Snorkelling, nightlife, tropical, warm water beach, less than 7 hours flight away? You name it, we have it.

What was your lightbulb moment?

It was more a series of lightbulb moments. Thoughts that percolated around were:  Why can’t I compare destinations easily?  The hotels, what there is to do, what it is like there, how difficult is it to get there, what’s the price, etc. Why is there no site where I can go find out about any beach on the planet? Why do most travel websites require you to know where you are going, and do very little to help you figure out the answer? Frustration lightbulb moments for sure but they drove Nishul to come up with BeachFix!

What makes you special?

Traditional travel websites ask for your preferred destination and passively serve the same places to everyone under that destination. Beachfix recognises that each user has different priorities and expectations from/in a beach. We allow you to specify your preferences and recommend places that reflect your style. Our vision is to take this a step further and give you a way to compare and plan your holiday across a variety of destinations that fit neatly into your time, budget and priorities.

And in a previous life…

Nishul was one of the co-founders at Markit - a financial markets data business now listed on NASDAQ.  Before that he delivered the morning news to his borough and even drove a bus! Traveler, diver, surfer, swimmer and is at his happiest when being thrown around by big waves - guess where BeachFix came from?

Maria has been using all her natural energy to do everything she possibly can squeeze into her 25-hour day! Started as a big data tech girl for CERN, Novartis and Telefonica and went on to become a master connector of people, an EF alumni, and a capoeira player!

Nuno had a career as a systems administrator and tech advisor for his University’s R&D incubator and left it all behind to pursue his passion for products and marketing. With a pit stop at the London Eye to smile at guests, he went on to manage marketing at Boticca and product at Metabroadcast.

The headaches and growing pains...

Getting past the “easy to love” mindset. As a website and as a company, we’re easy to love! Beaches are a very nice and positive subject to be working on and everyone we talk to loves what we’re doing. The problem is this leads to a very strong positive bias on the feedback we receive, when we’re hungry for a lot more. For us, beaches are serious business; we deeply care about the accuracy of our data and the value our product provides to our users.

Finish this sentence: I couldn’t live without…

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by Katherine Green on August 3, 2016

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