The Startup Lowdown: with James Middleton of StreetStream



Company: StreetStream

Age: Went live in February 2015

Website/Twitter: @iStreetStream

Founder: James Middleton


So what's the Elevator Pitch?

Street Stream allows people to book individual couriers directly.  This leads to a more personal service between customers and couriers. Customers gain motivated couriers who are reliable, punctual and polite.

What was your lightbulb moment?

I saw how Hailo and Uber had made Black Cab and mini-can services so much better and saw how a similar disruptive technology could transform the courier market.

What makes you special?

Street Stream is unique in the respect that no other system allows you to book an individual same-day courier, who is individually rated and reviewed; and allows to specify narrow pickup and delivery windows.

And in a previous life…

I was a senior researcher at a quantitative global macro fund at BlackRock, which is another way of saying that tried to forecast stock market and commodity price movements.

The headaches and growing pains...

Running a startup is non-stop headaches: getting the technology just right is an ongoing process; marketing and in the courier world especially the smooth running of operations. We set a high standard in all respects and hope to meet them!

Finish this sentence: I couldn’t live without…

We couldn’t live without  Reply, LinkedIn,  HubSpot, as well as our loyal clients and hard-working couriers!



by Katherine Green on August 3, 2016

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