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We’re Eduardo and Mike, co-founders of Geniac and we’re very excited to welcome you to the Geniac blog.

We started Geniac because of our shared experience in setting-up and running multiple startups. We realised it was way harder than it needed to be - and that so much time was lost to frankly tedious admin.  We wanted to integrate all the expertise and tools a business needs to give business owners and entrepreneurs complete visibility, peace of mind and, more importantly, precious time back.  

It’s been an amazing start to 2016 for us: we’ve opened a new UK Service Centre and quadrupled the size of our development team. And we have lots more to come. We’ll be sharing our new product features and other major Geniac developments on this blog so watch this space.

But it’s not all about us - whether you’re a new founder or running your fifth business, our aim is to make this blog indispensable. We’ll keep you posted on key things you need to know as a small business owner (and we’ll read the fine print so you don’t have to!), feature news and trends from the startup scene as well as advice and inspiration from some of our favourite UK businesses. And because, we’re in the business of helping you as much as we can, if you have an idea for something you’d like us to cover do let us know. (You can subscribe on the right by the way)

Thanks for stopping by - we’re really glad you did.

Mike & Eduardo


by Geniac on May 31, 2016

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